Founder: Late Sripaticharan Kundu

Seat available : MADHYA PRADESH 12-12-2021, KAMAKHYA-SHILONG 22-03-2022

Rules and Regulations

1.  Passengers are requested to reserve their seat by depositing Rs. 2000/- (Two thousand) per head in case of 2nd class and full amount of plane fare for Aeroplane journey. The residual amount must be deposited in cash or Kolkata clearing cheque or by bank draft before 30 days of journey .The return of cancelled air ticket is subjected to the airlines authority.

-: Charges of Child:-

Between 5 Years to less than 12 Years, Discount 15% without hotel bed. 

Between 3 Years to less than 5 Years, Discount 50% without hotel bed.

 -: Charges of Infant(Less than 3 years):-

Upto 9 Days tour Charges Rs.1195/-

Upto 13 Days tour Charges Rs.1395/-

Upto 16 Days tour Charges Rs.1695/-

2.  The seat arrangement in the bus will be according to advance seat reservation.

3.  The passenger will have to pay the full price of the double bed room in case of single occupancy subject to availability of Bus Seat and Room.

4.  In case of cancellation of journey cancelled by the passenger, he or she is liable to pay cancellation charges as follows,

(a) If cancelled before 110 days of the commencement of the journey, INR 600 per head. Thereafter, cancellation before 30 days INR 1100 in case of journey by sleeper class and INR 1300 in case of upper class.

(b) In case of cancellation within 30 days of the commencement of the journey, cancellation charges will be levied as per the following table in addition to clause 1 (a) stated above,

between 29 days and 25 days — 10% of the total price + INR 1100 or INR 1300
between 24 days and 20 days — 15% of the total price + INR 1100 or INR 1300
between 19 days and 10 days — 28% of the total price + INR 1100 or INR 1300
between 9 days and 5 days — 33% of the total price + INR 1100 or INR 1300
between 4 days and 3 days — 50% of the total price + INR 1100 or INR 1300

(c) Apart from the above cancellation charges, refund of air fare will be made as granted by the airlines

5.  Cancellation will be acted upon only when the Advanced Receipt / Ticket is surrendered at our office for cancellation,except in case of a passenger residing outside Kolkata, who may cancel his/her booking by letter or telegram only, which should be further confirmed within 5 days in person. But refund will be made after surrendering ticket / advanced receipt. Company will not be liable if such letter or telegram is not delivered in time.

6.  Time of calculating cancellation, charges shall be considered from the time when advanced receipt/ ticket / telegram is received by the office.

7.  No refund is admissible if a ticket is cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled time of departure or thereafter.

8.  No refund in tour price will be allowed for the untravelled portion of the tour either of sickness or any other reason.

9.  No amount deposited will be refunded in full,should the tour be cancelled by the company, except in the case of cancellation of the tour owing to natural calamities, strike / bandh or any other undesirable and abnormal situation, when the passengers have to pay compensation to the company @10% of the tour price.

10.  No claim for any refund will be entertained when the passenger doesn’t arrive at the station before departure of the train for which reservation has been made.In such cases,passengers may join next of subsequent station at their own cost.

11.  No claim will be entertained, if any amount found lying deposited with the company after 6 months from the date of commencement of the tour.

12.  The company reserves the right to delete, change or modify the Rules as and when necessary.

13.  Tour cost includes accidental premium for a certain amount payable by United India Insurance Company Limited. Any claim arising out of of any accident by the journey,claim amount will be settled by the insurance Company itself. However, person below 5 years or above 70 years are not entitled to get such insurance benefit.

14.  As per Govt. Rules, passengers travelling with us are requested to carry ORIGINAL PHOTO IDENTITY CARD with him/her.

15.  Entry Fees at all the places (where applicable) are to be borne by Passengers.

16.  All meals will be supplied from Railway Catering while on train, except those who will be traveling in AC Class. We are not allowed to serve food on those classes.

17.  Please entrain & detrain with your own belongings at Howrah / Sealdah / Santragachi / Kolkata / Shalimar Station.

18.  Hotel accommodation will be 2, 3, 4 persons in a room basis.

19.  The Firm accepts no responsibilities for loss or damages to any belongings of the passengers.

Please carry one 22” suitcase & one handbag only while on tour.


****** Office Hours- Monday To Friday – 10:00 A. M To 06:00 P. M & Saturday – 10:00 A. M To 02:30 P. M.

****** Receipt of Cash & Cheque upto 05:00 P. M. Cancellation, if any, can not be accepted before 12:00 P. M. All types of refund will be made between 12:00 P. M. To 05:00 P. M. Except on Saturday.

****** Railway berth will be allotted as per Railway Allotment.



GST @ 5% will be applicable from 1st July 2017